A European Institute of Peace? Value-added, Risks and Options

Publication date: September 5, 2012
Publication author: mediatEUr

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This discussion paper provides a concise overview of the value-added, risks and institutional set-up options for a European Institute of Peace. The ideas contained in the report emerged from a yearlong process of consultations on the European Institute of Peace idea, which reached out to more than 150 stakeholders.

In order to strengthen the EUʼs ability to respond to global peacemaking challenges, Sweden and Finland jointly launched an initiative in 2010 that advocates for the creation of a European Institute of Peace (EIP), with a focus on peace mediation. This initiative was kick-started by a joint letter from the two Foreign Ministers Carl Bildt and Alexander Stubb to High Representative Catherine Ashton in December 2010.

mediatEUr was tasked in May 2011 by the two Foreign Ministries to accompany and advise this process. This report forms part of this project. The aim is to give an overview of the ʻstate of debateʼ on the EIP, to help inform future steps of the EIP initiative. It also aims to move  the debate forward: from discussions on whether or not there is a need for such an institute; to formulating more clearly the risks and opportunities involved, and resulting options for an institutional set-up. It thus provides an input for policy- and decision-makers in Brussels and European capitals that can help shape political deliberation on an EIP. Equally, it can also serve to inform policy advocacy on the EIP from civil society organisations.

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