Generating and sharing knowledge and know-how.

Networking and convening.      


Policy and institutional advice.


Providing mediation and peace process support.

Coaching and training for conflict parties and practitioners.                  

Project design, implementation and evaluation.


Mediation, facilitation and

process design.

Our Service

We help parties in conflict tackle their differences constructively; and support mediators, facilitators and international institutions improve their work in this area. 

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to explore engaging our services. Our work is tailored to each case; and includes:

Mediation and facilitation
We provide professional and flexibly deployable third party mediators to support processes to resolve conflicts at different levels. Our discreet and confidential approach can be a welcome alternative to using official channels. We also advise on process design, and assess and evaluate peace mediation projects.
Coaching and training
We have a network of experienced trainers to train and coach parties in conflict; mediators; officials and policy makers in negotiation, mediation and facilitation. We also provide executive mediation counsels to mediators on demand.
Advisory work
We provide practical and policy advice to those active in mediation and conflict resolution efforts. We also support the development and strengthening of requisite institutions, organisations, their systems and structures.
Generating and sharing knowledge and know how
In order to promote good practice, professionalisation and standard-setting, we identify, research and analyse key issues in international mediation and peace process support, often in partnership with specialised research institutions.
Networking and convening
We believe that advancing knowledge and know-how on peace mediation is best done in collaboration with other professionals and institutions. Therefore much of our work is carried out in partnership with others, and aims to create synergies with others' efforts. We also convene practitioners and policymakers from different parts of the world for knowledge and experience sharing.