Dr. Antje Herrberg bids farewell to mediatEUr in a move to join the EU

By 20 November, 2018News

Co-founder and CeO of mediatEUr of 11 years, Antje Herrberg has resigned from her position as the chairwomen of the board, and has been positively discharged of her role by the members of the organisation.

As a comitted and value based mediator focussing on quality delivery, Antje has built up mediatEUr as a membership, non for profit mediation service organisation by tapping into her growing network of world class mediation experts. In having created a forum for mediators, she placed a strong a focus on the importance of creating connections at all levels, to enhance the important networking  aspect in the work of peace making. She has designed and deployed to dozens of training and mediation support missions globally by mediatEur to build local and institutional capacity worldwide. Her expertise and keen interest in utilising mediation as a soft power tool to enhance the potential of European foreign policy have led to most activities of mediatEUr  that she co-delivered with its members. mediatEur began its service for the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a capacity building role.  Highlights of her work include two evaluations of the UN Standby Team for mediation; from 2010, at the request of Sweden and Finland, the development of a process that led to the set up of a European Institute of Peace; further, she developed and pushed important conceptual and policy work on peace and justice of the EU, electoral violence and mediation, power sharing, the role of women in peace agreements, climate change, and stabilisation approaches for peace mediation. Her innovative approach led to a sucessive implementation and development of digital mapping methods for dialogue and mediation,  piloted in Ukraine and the Ivory Coast and soon for Syrian refugeees with the purpose to facilitate the understanding of complex dialogues in conflict to create common ‘mind’ spaces. Her passion of the mind -body connection in peace making, namely that peace making requires self inquiry and observation, and attention to physical and neurophysiological aspects, have inspired and led many to follow similar paths, creating a growing field of enquiry and practice. In 2013, she took a one year leave to join the United Nations as a Senior Mediation Expert on its Standby Team for Mediation. Thanks to her keen involvement, mediatEUr could implement and submit sucessfull bids of three Framework contract of EU mediation support and to join the latest ERMES (European Resources for Mediation Support) consortium.  Antje will be working as  of mid December 2018 as a Senior Mediation Advisor to the European External Action Service, at PRISM,  seconded by the German Foreign Service (Auswärtige Amt) through the Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF). She is suceeded by a transition team led by Kathrin Quesada, Senior Executive Officer, Luis Peral and Brendan Mc Allister, executive board members. All members of mediatEUr wished Antje all the best and thanked her for her relentless efforts of a decade in sustaining meditatEur as one of the few remaining independent, non for profit organisations at the service for professional mediators, conflict parties and organisations wishing to support conflict resolution.

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