Wednesday, 08 June 2011 16:50

Dilemmas and Difficulties in Peace and Justice

The 2009 Concept on Strengthening EU Mediation and Dialogue Capacities indicates that EU mediators are expected to address human rights violations in peace processes, but gives no indication for how they may do so. Unlike UN mediators who have guidelines to follow that include directions regarding justice for human rights violations, EU mediators have no such guidance.

Strengthening the EU’s capacity to further peace and justice is one of the aims of the Global Forum for Mediation. As part of this project, mediatEUr has published Dilemmas and Difficulties in Peace and Justice: Considerations for Policymakers and Mediators, by Priscilla Hayner.

Although the ‘peace and justice’ debate has been going on for some time, at least at a conceptual level, this paper uses real-case examples to identify emerging trends and dilemmas facing mediators seeking to promote accountability for human rights violations in peace processes. It draws out considerations for both mediators and policymakers, and concludes that:

‘For mediators, the primary challenge is to assist the parties in finding an appropriate path towards a justice policy that is respectful of both victims and international standards. There is considerable room for creativity and careful strategy within these parameters’.