June 13th
what does "Adeu Espanya" mean? I saw that a lot on people's balconies yesterday :wink:

miguel [10:32 AM] Yesterday? In Andorra? That's confusing

martinleng [10:32 AM] No, in Catalunya, driving up

I guess it's like when I see a huge Scottish flag in someone's window in Glasgow... "look at me - I have an issue!!"

miguel [10:33 AM] Oh cool. Finally we can dedicate ourselves to other business like, 20% unemployment, poverty, etc!

martinleng [10:33 AM] :smile:

miguel [10:34 AM] Now focus. Improve your Catalan. There's no interpretation for ANYONE?

martinleng [10:34 AM] no - and I don't mean it isn't working, there literally isn't any interpretation facility - just a room with microphones

miguel [10:35 AM] #classicNGIC

martinleng [10:35 AM] it's also not being recorded so we can't get it translated later

oh well!

miguel [10:35 AM] Yup. Hang in there.

martinleng [10:35 AM] Gracés

martinleng [10:58 AM] Novruz Mammadov giving a speech about his dinner last night, then moving onto Karabakh. Just as insightful as imagined...

(sorry, will stop giving you updates)

miguel [12:18 PM] Haha no it's fine

I can imagine

June 14th
miguel [12:30 PM] Hey Martin

I just emailed you an option for a flight for Antje from Geneva to Kiev and back to Munich. Can you ask her to take a look when you guys have time and confirm to me if it's good?

martinleng [12:31 PM] Ok will do, I'll grab her over lunch

miguel [12:31 PM] Thank you!

July 4th
martinleng [11:17 AM] Hi Miguel! How are you? Just a quick reminder - if you'd like me and Nuno to approach the EU about Columbia funding, please send us some documentation at some point. But no rush, I know you're busy! :slightly_smiling_face: Hope Ukraine goes well.

miguel [11:19 AM] Hey Martin, thanks a lot! Sorry, this seems to have skipped my mind somehow. Will send it today

martinleng [11:20 AM] It's all good! In fact, did Antje tell you a specific person to approach? If so, could you pass that info along too, as I didn't get it.

miguel [11:20 AM] Yes, I'll send the details along with the concept in five minutes

July 15th
martinleng [11:58 AM] Hi Miguel, Nuno thought it was best if only two of us went to avoid a "delegation"

And I already RSVP'd to the EEAS - although I'm sure they wouldn't mind if Antje eventually came

So I'll let her know, although yes, I'm not sure if she's back then :slightly_smiling_face:

miguel [11:59 AM] Good! Well done. We'll have to prepare on Monday

martinleng [12:00 PM] Yes! I can cover the institutional/Trust Fund side, if you like, and you can actually go into the detail of the proposal. I remember meeting Eldridge about this before with Antje but I think it was a bit too "general" for him to be able to take much interest, so if we can offer them some "meat" we might get further.

miguel [12:02 PM] Super. I'm meeting CITpax on Sunday so I'll mine as much as possible.

Yes, on Sunday. Vacation, ha!

martinleng [12:03 PM] And you're on Slack! Relax! :stuck_out_tongue:

(though I'm glad you're here, otherwise I'd have had to wait until Monday to confirm the meeting)

miguel [12:04 PM] Man if you only knew. I'm going to ask for compensation for ruined holidays haha

martinleng [12:04 PM] Anyway, _try_ to enjoy your weekend haha! Adios

miguel [12:04 PM] Bye !

martinleng [12:30 PM] Update: Antje won't be in town so it's just us going :slightly_smiling_face: Looking forward!

miguel [12:31 PM] Super, we'll kick ass! Let's meet also with Insa to prep in Monday. She's worked on the proposal


July 26th, 2016 -----
martinleng [10:04 AM] By the way

Remember i was writing a blog post about Brexit?

Antje has given me the green light to post it, but she's asked if you'll write the introductory bit (in bold) - I guess for a "different perspective" from a fresh pair of eyes. Can I send you the text and leave that with you?

(I know you're busy but I guess it only takes a few mins)

miguel [10:07 AM] Yes sure, can do.

martinleng [10:08 AM] Thank you!

One sec

martinleng [10:09 AM] uploaded and commented on a file 
Here you go! I guess just add your para to the top and send it back :slightly_smiling_face:

miguel [10:16 AM] Superb, I'll take care of it in a little while ok? Working on Colombia now and expecting a visit to the apartment in 15min

martinleng [10:16 AM] Perfect , no rush! And like I said, after today feel free to share some Colombia work if you like/need. See you later

miguel [10:17 AM] Perfect. See ya!