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So am I pro-Russian am I pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian?

This blog post was written by Alex Azarov. So am I pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian? At a recent peacebuilding conference in Caux, Switzerland, a woman who lives in Crimea found out that I am originally from Moscow, now working on supporting dialogues in Ukraine. "So are you pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian?", she asked immediately. I will tell you what I told her but first, a bit of background. I was born in the Soviet Union and moved with my parents to Australia when I was ten, right when the USSR was falling…
5 September, 2016
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Brexit and the new populism

This blog post was written by Martin Leng. Still hungover from the recent “Brexit” vote, the world attends with a mix of anticipation and anxiety the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate in the US – two economic and political powerhouses taking a turn inwards, looking for easy answers to some of our globalised world’s most difficult questions. Where does dialogue fit in all of this? Wearing both his hats as a dialogue practitioner and a British citizen, mediatEUr’s Martin Leng explores the implications of Brexit and reflects…
27 July, 2016
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Technology for peace?

This week mediatEUr was invited to give input on the Roundtable on Uses of ICTs for EU Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding. Miguel Varela, our Dialogue and Innovation Officer, shared our view from the work we have been doing in the last two years. The first thing you need to know about mediatEUr is that we are a small organisation working in areas as seemingly disparate as peacebuilding, mediation and dialogue on the one hand, and design and technology on the other. My job is to link the two fields, which…
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Peace in the Neighbourhood: the EU and stability in Syria

Antje Herrberg, mediatEUr’s CEO, recently took part in a panel discussion entitled: “Post-conflict Syria: Which EU civilian capabilities for reconstruction?” The event set out to explore what role the EU might play in a potential future peace-building effort in Syria. Here, her reflections on Syria's war, the EU's prospects as a stabilising actor, and the importance of learning from the past. I had the honour of giving a talk at a well-attended event at the Centre for European Policy Studies on the topic of Syria, on the 11th of May…
Antje Herrberg
13 May, 2016
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It is rather simple: the need for peace making is right here, right now, with you and with me

Europe is speechless with racing rhetoric, opinion-making, hasty declarations, reactions, and helpless gestures, some promoting understanding and some preventing tolerance and openness. Today, as for the last three days, Brussels is frozen with fear and the whole city has stopped functioning the way it used to. In a way, we find ourselves confused and marginalized in the heart of our beloved Europe. Indeed, the events in Paris last Friday have woken up our population to the fact that we are not one Europe, but a Europe of different communities, many…
Antje Herrberg
25 November, 2015
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Looking at words: visualising dialogue in Ukraine to support its contribution to peace

In Ukraine, several initiatives are using dialogue to build options to address some of the country’s most difficult challenges. Visualising them may help strengthen their impact and learn from each other. This week I was invited to give input at a meeting on Innovative Thinking on Strategic Approaches to Conflict Management in The Hague, next to four other people working in this fascinating world. Their experience: years of work in policy advise, years of work on business and development, and connecting thousands of people in one of the most beautiful…
Miguel Varela Rodríguez
26 October, 2015
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The Quality of Our Attention

"A mediator is a sensitive outsider. Their presence in a situation of conflict or disturbance can bring a quality of attention to people who might otherwise feel lost, hopeless or, even, anaesthetised from their own suffering." A presentation given by mediatEUr Senior Associate Brendan McAllister at the conference ‘Conflict Resolution: Peace, Practice, Perspectives – Celebrating Women as ADR Leaders’ in Dublin for the International Women's Day, 8 March 2013. Good afternoon everyone.  “Conservation of energy is the function of form. Without form, meaning leaks out and drains away in time.”  So spoke Michael Longley, the Ulster…
12 March, 2015
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Peace from the Desktop

The unseen value of peace assistance When I first heard about peacework three or four years ago, all I could picture was a group of experts getting off a helicopter in a conflict zone. Silly as it sounds, back then my mind thought of peace as something built in a very specific moment in time by people with a very specific set of skills. A spectacular intervention in times of crisis, peacework was all about implementation: get there and ‘make’ peace. What I did not know is just how much…
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Dealing with Election-Related Violence — Lessons from the Training

This week, I had the opportunity to participate as a trainer and facilitator in a workshop on ‘Dealing with Election-Related Violence’ organized by the European Centre for Electoral Support and the Leadership Beyond Boundaries, supported by the Osservatoria di Pavia, and convened by the Barcelona Peace Centre. It all started with the film ‘An African Election’ directed by Jarreth Merz, a great inspiration for the attendees. The event convened 25 participants, experts and officials from Electoral Commissions and Election Management Bodies (EMB’s) hailing from Spain, Lithuania, Poland, the United States,…
Antje Herrberg
14 December, 2013
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The EU as a Peace Maker – Comments on Enhancing EU Mediation Capacities

'While track one breakthroughs like the Ohrid Agreement or the recent Kosovo-Serbia Agreement are needed to start peace processes, positive peace can only be achieved through sustainable long-term follow-up of the implementation process' Perhaps because of my Latin American roots, I took an interest in European mediation efforts starting in the 1980s with the Central American Peace Process and the San Jose Dialogue. Ever since, I have seen EU mediation capacities grow. Today, I am confident saying that the world would look very different without EU mediative support in all…
29 May, 2013