Since 2012, we have been deploying mediation expertise for the EU around the globe through specialised contracts and assignments. As a mediation service provider, we seek to support the professional practice of peace mediation of the EU.

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Conflict Prevention and Mediation Support to the EU: Access to Expertise

Responding effectively to emerging or on-going crises requires identifying people with the right profile and expertise at the right time, and ensuring they can be where they are needed most, at short notice. This is a key challenge. Given this challenge, mediatEUr, together with partners Berghof Foundation, ESSEC-Irene, and swisspeace, is embarking on a new project to provide conflict prevention and mediation support to the European External Action Service and its partners. The objective of this 12-months project is to provide high-quality, timely and tailored external expertise and technical assistance in the areas of conflict…
12 June, 2013
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Debriefing Mediators

The European Union (EU) is becoming increasingly active as a global peacemaker, supporting peace processes and also directly mediating between conflict parties in several instances. Given this commitment, it is important to create systems that can enable synthesis and management of the knowledge gained and learning from these engagements. This can further strengthen the EU’s efforts in peace mediation in other parts of the world. This debriefing and publication series forms part of mediatEUr’s work to promote good practice in EU peace mediation, by piloting innovation in learning, lesson gathering…
1 January, 2012
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Creating Improved Capacities for International Peace Mediation

mediatEUr, in partnership with the Crisis Management Initiative, worked on a two-year project in 2011-2012 to support capacity-building for peace mediation among international organisations. mediatEUr’s work on this project focussed on EU capacity building, as well as the thematic areas of peace and justice, power sharing and accountability in international peace mediation, elections mediation, and mediation stand-by arrangements. This work was funded by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1 January, 2011
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EU policy advice to Georgia and its strategy for engagement

This assignment, funded by the European Union’s Stability Instrument, provided policy advice on conflict transformation to the SMR on Georgia's strategy for engagement. The work included contribution to the development of an action plan, and its instruments. Dr. Antje Herrberg. was team leader for the project, with Prof. John Packer and Prof. Dr. Dr. Rainer Hofmann as the main legal experts.This project was developed together with the former EUSR for the South Caucasus.
4 January, 2010