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High Level Mediation Coaching (with ZIF)

Upon the initiative of PRISM, Pierre-Yves Monette, Bill Marsh, Dr. Simon Maison and Dr. Antje Herrberg provided input and facilitation together with the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) for a high level mediation seminar. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Secretary General of the EEAS Pedro Serrano, Head of Division of the PRISM Stefano Tomat and ZIF Director Almut Wieland-Karimi.
Maria Simonyan
15 September, 2017
Projects - Our WorkTechnology for Peace

Mapping social cohesion in Abobo and Yopougon, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

In early 2017, mediatEUr and Interpeace began a conversation for potential collaboration on peace mapping efforts. Based on the experience of both organisations, and in the context of its project in Ivory Coast with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Interpeace requested mediatEUr to prepare a proposal for a peace mapping component. mediatEUr’s work supports Interpeace in its objective to produce an in-depth study of the social cohesion dynamics in the country. We will produce a comprehensive mapping of actors and issues in the areas selected by Interpeace, based on existing…
13 September, 2017
Projects - Our WorkTechnology for Peace

Peacelogs: mapping for better peace processes

Peacelogs are a tool for peace mapping launched by mediatEUr and first piloted in Ukraine in 2015-2016. Peacelogs provide a system for all actors involved in a peace process to log the progress of their work and represent it in geographic and visual concept maps, allowing for targeted reporting and for the identification of key areas of conflict. Peacelogs maps represent the work of dialogue actors, think-tanks, and analysts and assist policy actors in decision-making processes by showing the incidence of different issues in key regions. At the same time,…
13 May, 2017