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Stabilisation- why a transformative approach is worth it

This blog was written by Kathrin Quesada When I recently interviewed several experts on stabilisation approaches for a research project mediatEUr was requested to carry out for the EEAS, one definition of the term stuck with me for a very long time: “Stabilisaton is about people regaining harmony; it is about societies being able to reorganise their lives together”. I found it not only simply and beautifully said, but also a very noble goal. And yet the reality of the lives of people in countries where stabilisation activities have taken…
Kathrin Quesada
17 June, 2017
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Northern Ireland: A ‘Peace Process’ or a ‘Process of Peace’? Learning Points for the EU

"Political negotiations need a societal climate that is conducive to peace. Society is like a greenhouse; a peace process is like a plant that grows in the greenhouse. The climatic conditions must become right and must be kept right" Background Between 1995 and 2013 the European Commission undertook three successive funding programmes in support of peacebuilding in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland. With a population of 2.28 million within their catchment area, the peace programmes disbursed €2billion in support of 22,000 community-based projects over…
22 February, 2013
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The EU Nobel Peace Prize Laureate — Let it Inspire Us

Let the Nobel Peace Prize for the EU inspire us! Today is the 10th of December, the day on which the European Union receives the Peace Nobel Prize. It is a prize hard earned. As Europeans we can be proud of the fact that not only the creation of the European Union, but the work from its citizens made war unthinkable in Europe. At the same time, this achievement is a reminder that much remains to be done, and we must strive for more: more equality of gender, ethnicity and…
Antje Herrberg
10 December, 2012
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Transitional power-sharing in Libya: what use are lessons from other countries?

This blog post was written by Canan Gündüz The recent announcement of the Libyan National Transitional Council’s 24-minister cabinet reveals a complex power-balance in the interim government between the country’s regions; those who fought during the anti-Gaddafi insurgency; as well as financial interests. Over the coming months, the new cabinet has set itself the urgent tasks of: Providing ‘security, stability and restoration of normal life’ Preparing and holding elections as an important milestone Drafting a new constitution. Recent experience in the DRC and Zimbabwe provides a grim reminder that elections can also be a…
4 November, 2011
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EU policy advice to Georgia and its strategy for engagement

This assignment, funded by the European Union’s Stability Instrument, provided policy advice on conflict transformation to the SMR on Georgia's strategy for engagement. The work included contribution to the development of an action plan, and its instruments. Dr. Antje Herrberg. was team leader for the project, with Prof. John Packer and Prof. Dr. Dr. Rainer Hofmann as the main legal experts.This project was developed together with the former EUSR for the South Caucasus.
4 January, 2010