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Stabilisation- why a transformative approach is worth it

This blog was written by Kathrin Quesada When I recently interviewed several experts on stabilisation approaches for a research project mediatEUr was requested to carry out for the EEAS, one definition of the term stuck with me for a very long time: “Stabilisaton is about people regaining harmony; it is about societies being able to reorganise their lives together”. I found it not only simply and beautifully said, but also a very noble goal. And yet the reality of the lives of people in countries where stabilisation activities have taken…
Kathrin Quesada
17 June, 2017
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Scoping Missions Handbook

This lessons-learned document on mediation scoping missions was developed by mediatEUr staff as a follow-up to the scoping missions developed by the organisation in the context of mediatEUr’s project to support a European Institute of Peace (EIP). It is aimed at understanding the benefits and challenges of scoping missions, a tool used to assess the potential for mediation in specific conflict contexts, the primary focus of the EIP.   The guidance paper looks into some of the key concepts for mediation scoping: what is the definition of scoping? What are the main stages? What should…
1 March, 2015
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The Evolution of the United Nations Standby Team of Mediation Experts in Context

This synthesis report considers trends and issues in the context of international peace mediation and mediation support, and related them to the past, present and future operational needs of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, specifically to the Standby Team of Mediation Experts. In the last seven years, the mediation support field enjoyed an associated increase in the number of actors and a growing awareness of the complexity of the practice with a view to achieving sustainable peace. There is an increased tendency for indigenous mediation practice and for…
1 February, 2015
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Third Party Inquiries: Lessons Learned from the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission of 2011

"A journey of a single step begins with a thousand miles". The teaching ascribed to the ancient Chinese philisopher Lao Tzu — "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" — can be turned on its head for the story of the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission (KIC). As an independent international commission with a reconciliation and peacebuilding component in its mandate, and the first of its kind to be allowed into a country in Central Asia, what lessons can the international community learn from the KIC? In June…
1 November, 2014
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Evaluation of the Nonviolent Peaceforce Project with the Civilian Protection Component of the International Monitoring Team in Mindanao, Philippines

On 27 March 2014, after over forty years of Moro insurgency in Mindanao, the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB). An International Monitoring Team was put in place in 2004 to monitor the agreement, adding a unique Civilian Protection Component (CPC) in 2009. The CPC is led by three local NGOs and an international NGO (Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines – NP). In January 2014, NP awarded mediatEUr and Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) a contract to carry out…
6 June, 2014
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Lessons Learned by Members of the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission of 2011

Synthesising and sharing the lessons from peacebuilding and mediation efforts is crucial for the promotion of good practice in the field. mediatEUr was awarded a grant by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland to gather the lessons learned from the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission (KIC)'s work. The KIC was tasked in 2010 with the investigation of disturbances in Southern Kyrgyzstan. Its mandate was fourfold: Investigate the facts and circumstances of the events of June 2010 in Osh and its surrounding provinces in the Kyrgyz Republic including the causes and course…
13 February, 2014
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Conducting an Assessment Before Operational Deployment: A Case Study from Kosovo, 2013

Using mediatEUr's mission to Kosovo earlier in 2013 as a case study, this report presents some of the key aspects in the design and deployment of a mediation assessment mission. The conduct of a mediation assessment of this kind has received comparatively little attention in conflict resolution literature. Instead, short-term crisis intervention commands most of the attention of the international community. Mediation is geared to the longer-term transformation of relationships, and works in an incremental way that makes it less likely to generate short-term results. This might make mediation, and…
1 June, 2013
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Evaluation of the Mediation Support Unit Standby Team

To strengthen the UN capacity for mediation, the Standby Team of Mediation Experts was established in March 2008, to assist UN or non-UN mediators globally on a wide range of issues that arise in peace talks. The Standby Team is operated by the Norwegian Refugee Council, and available for mediation support activities in the Policy and Mediation Division of UN Department of Political Affairs (DPA). This evaluation was carried out by mediatEUr in partnership with Berghof Peace Support. The evaluation does not only scrutinise the mechanism and the set-up of…
1 January, 2011