Collaboration in ERMES (European Resources for Mediation Support)

By 7 September, 2018News

The new Consortium of ERMES, under the lead of the College of Europe,  has recently signed a FWC contract with the European Commission, to support the European Union, to provide mediation and dialogue support on situation of need, with the steer of the EEAS, PRISM/ Mediation Support team.  The Consortium further consists of Interpeace, ESSEC, ECES, and the Foundation Hirondelle thus providing for a rich and complementary partnership. Mediation support exercises will consist of , inter-alia, the provision of technical expertise and the organization and facilitation of training seminars, meetings, and events, under the team leadership of Carlotta Ferrero.  Stay tuned for news, and looking forward to work with our experts ! For more information also refer to:

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