Conducting an Assessment Before Operational Deployment: A Case Study from Kosovo, 2013

Publication date: June 1, 2013
Publication author: Miguel Varela

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Using mediatEUr’s mission to Kosovo earlier in 2013 as a case study, this report presents some of the key aspects in the design and deployment of a mediation assessment mission.

The conduct of a mediation assessment of this kind has received comparatively little attention in conflict resolution literature. Instead, short-term crisis intervention commands most of the attention of the international community. Mediation is geared to the longer-term transformation of relationships, and works in an incremental way that makes it less likely to generate short-term results. This might make mediation, and especially mediation assessments, seem unattractive to potential funders. Nevertheless, in a society recovering from conflict it is important to address the needs for sustainable peace, such as the building of good relations and the restoration of trust, where mediation can play a fundamental role.

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