Since 2012 mediatEUr has been deploying mediation expertise for the European Union around the globe through specialised contracts and assignments. As a mediation service provider, we seek to support the professional practice of peace mediation of the EU.

Since August 2014 we work in the lead together with our partners Swisspeace, ESSEC-Irene, Berghof Foundation for Peace and the Toledo Centre for International Peace CITPAX to execute a framework contract entitled “Conflict Prevention and Mediation Support” whose objective is to provide high-quality, timely and tailored external expertise and technical assistance in the areas of conflict prevention, peace mediation and dialogue support through a network of proven and trusted experts.

Through this, we have the facility to deploy 691 Expert days with a roster of combined 89 experts over four years globally to support the EEAS, within short delays to gradually augment and support the EU’s mediation capacity in accordance of the EU’s concept for mediation and dialogue.

Our presence around the World

Countries marked with a blue box represent actual places of performance.
Countries coloured in green represent the geographic focus of one or more assignments.


  • Producing knowledge products providing literature review, such as Yemen
  • Provide specific thematic expertise, such as power sharing in Mali,
  • Capacity building through tailored training and coaching programmes as organising and co-facilitating workshops for the EU Special Representatives
  • Facilitation of EU or other meetings on key conflict issues and themes in critical regions, such as Egypt
  • Assist in participatory conflict analysis meeting in the field, such as Kenya
  • Support peace processes in which the European Union is engaged such as the Mali.


You can access a list of our mediatEUrs assignments in our Support section.

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