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Position: Associate

Eugène van Kemenade is a mediatEUr Associate, working on specific assignments such as training and coaching for mediation, and dialogue process design. He is experienced in peacebuilding and conflict resolution with nonstate actors in conflict and post conflict areas. This includes design of dialogue processes to find common ground for parties and the establishment of constructive relationships, including high-level dialogue between political parties, for example in Burundi.

Since 2009 Eugène has been working as a freelance Senior Advisor with the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, where he has helped to set up and lead a project on political party dialogue in Burundi; and has led missions to support political dialogue processes in Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Mali, Zambia, Uganda and South Sudan.

As part of this work, he negotiates the start-up and modalities of political party dialogue networks, party strengthening support, constitutional review processes, electoral assistance for political parties, and donor engagement (especially UN, EU, USA, UK) around political party support and approaches.

Eugène has also worked on mediation capacity-building at the track 3 level for International Alert in Eastern DRC, including the design and delivery of a mediation training module, and accompaniment of grassroots mediators. Prior to this, he was for 3 years ICCOʼs Regional Representative for the Great Lakes based in Goma, DRC. Eugène holds an MA in Social Sciences and Organisational Anthropology from the Free University of Amsterdam. A member of the UN Mediation Roster, he has received additional training in mediation and dialogue facilitation; negotiation; and teaching and exercise-oriented learning.

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