Expert Seminar Report: Security Arrangements, Transitional Justice and Peace Mediation: Challenges and Options for the EU

Publication date: May 1, 2012
Publication author: Laura Davis

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The 2009 EU Concept on Strengthening EU Mediation and Dialogue Capacities states that EU mediators are expected to address human rights violations in peace processes, but it gives no indication for how they may do so. To meet this need, mediatEUr is organising a series of expert meetings that bring together EU policy-makers with transitional justice and mediation experts to generate recommendations for how the EU may strengthen its capacity to further peace and justice.

This expert seminar brought together EU policymakers working on crisis response, CSDP missions, and mediation, with academic experts and practitioners working on security arrangements, reforms of security sector institutions after war, and peace mediation. It discussed the EU’s track record on Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) and Security Sector Reform (SSR) in particular, and generated a set of recommendations to strengthen EU peace process support in integrating a transitional justice perspective in these areas.

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