Fifth Report of the Dialogue Support Platform

By 1 June, 2016Publications
Publication date: June 1, 2016
Publication author: Miguel Varela and Alex Azarov

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In June 2015, mediatEUr and the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine (UNDP) launched a project to build a Dialogue Support Platform in the country (DSPU). The aim of this Platform is to support the contribution of dialogue to a peaceful, democratic and stable Ukraine. Through the regular engagement of more than 30 local facilitators and the conducting of five dialogue analyses and coordination meetings, the DSPU has built a network of dialogue actors and identified a number of challenges and opportunities for dialogue in Ukraine.

Now entering its final phase as a pilot project, participants of the Platform gathered in Kramatorsk on 4-6 May with several objectives:

  • To identify the main issues affecting the East of Ukraine and the contribution dialoguecan make to resolving them.
  • To continue facilitating professional exchange among dialogue facilitators.
  • To highlight dialogue work being carried out in Eastern Ukraine.
  • To explore the main areas for follow up work through an enhanced Dialogue SupportPlatform.

The meeting in Kramatorsk was instrumental in determining the space and potential for dialogue in the Eastern regions of Ukraine and the main areas of work to be addressed. While engaging actors across the contact line remains both a challenge and an important goal, continuing the support to dialogue initiatives within the territories controlled by the Ukrainian government will prove key to the promotion of a culture of dialogue in Ukraine, the enhancement of dialogue capacities, and the sustainability and effectiveness of dialogue work.

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