Justice for the Past, Justice for the Future: Towards Broadening the Transitional Justice Agenda in Peace Processes

Publication date: September 20, 2012
Publication author: Dr. David Bloomfield

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This discussion paper argues that a broader understanding can help overcome some of the tensions inherent in the transitional justice agenda during peace processes, by focusing both on past and future justice needs; victims’ rights and perpetrators’ accountability; as well as wider post-conflict needs that go beyond narrow retributive justice.

It is hoped that such a wider understanding will energise a broader range of instruments and options for conflict parties, mediators and interveners at all stages of peace processes to deal with a legacy of human rights violations.

The paper opens discussion on the policy and practice implications of this model, and sets the scene for developing practical options to improve peacemaking practice in this area, especially for the EU.

The paper and upcoming expert roundtable meeting on this topic form part of a series of policy seminars to help build EU peace mediation capacity, funded by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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