Wednesday, 16 May 2012 11:13

Swisspeace: a replicable model for a European Institute of Peace?

mediatEUr releases its newest report from the the roundtable on "The swisspeace model, a replicable practice for a European Institute of Peace?" held on the 23 of March 2012 in Bern in partnership with swisspeace. The participants at the roundtable identified a number of lessons learned, from the swisspeace experience, that could be of value for the creation of a European Institute of Peace, among which:

  1. The importance of building confidence and trust between EU Institutions and a future EIP, to facilitate joint actions and rapid decision making;
  2. The value added of a focus on a small number of activities;
  3. The need to identify a core group of champions for the EIP to act as founding members and funders, and the development of an initial financial endowment to allow the organisation to grow; and
  4. The value of building up an independent organization with broad, inclusive partnership relations and support network. 

For more information on the European Institute of Peace please click here.