Monday, 30 July 2012 11:17

Debriefing EU Mediators: former EUSR for the Middle East Peace Process, Marc Otte

mediatEUr is pleased to share the second edition in our publication series 'Debriefing EU Mediators': summary and key lessons from a debriefing with former EUSR for the Middle East Peace Process, Marc Otte.

To download the full report, click here.

Highlights from the report

  1. In complex regional conflicts such as the Middle East, EUSRs can play an important role in harnessing and orchestrating a range of EU instruments in support of a peace process, including military and civilian, development, humanitarian and diplomatic components
  2. EUSRs can also contribute to internal consensus-building among Member States on EU foreign policy towards strategic regions
  3. While mediation may not appear explicitly in all EUSRs' formal mandates, mediation as a practice is critical across many of their tasks. An explicit mention in mandates can enable the provision of more focused support in this area.
  4. For EU foreign policy to be effective and coherent, it is crucial that its Envoys base their work on a solid understanding of EU institutional parameters, policies and approaches. This requires systematic inductions, tailored support during the mandate, and post-mandate debriefings.

About 'Debriefing EU Mediators'

The EU is becoming increasingly active as a global peacemaker, supporting peace processes and also directly mediating between conflict parties in several instances. In order to help strengthen the EU’s engagement in peace mediation in other parts of the world, it is important to gather and systematise the knowledge and learning from these engagements.

The aim of this publication series is to capture and present key practice and policy lessons from the work of EU mediators, by:

  1. Providing an interactive debriefing for EU mediators to generate lessons on EU peace mediation experiences, and challenges in specific geographic regions.
  2. Generating insights for peace mediation more broadly, and refining debriefing methods for mediators.
  3. Producing a toolkit that systematises debriefings with EU mediators in the future, based on existing debriefing good practice and experiences gathered by the project.

This effort forms part of mediatEUr’s wider work on creating building blocks for a European Institute of Peace. This project is funded by the Swedish and Finnish Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and aims to assist the formulation of a framework for the creation of a European Institute of Peace (EIP). One of the building blocks of a future EIP can be precisely this type of EU mediation knowledge gathering and management.

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