Thursday, 27 September 2012 00:00

Broadening the Transitional Justice Agenda for the EU

As part of its project 'Creating Improved Capacities for Peace Mediation', mediatEUr hosted the fourth meeting in a series of roundtables on transitional justice and mediation for the EU.

This expert and policymaker roundtable provided an opportunity to discuss options for broadening the transitional justice agenda in peace processes, by focusing both on past and future justice needs; victims’ rights and perpetrators’ accountability; as well as wider post-conflict needs that go beyond narrow retributive justice. It was attended by transitional justice and peacebuilding experts; as well as EU policymakers.

The objectives were to:

  1. Explore different dimensions of transitional justice and how they can effectively be dealt with in third-party support to peace processes
  2. Share concrete cases of transitional justice support in peace processes, from Northern Ireland and elsewhere
  3. Concretise options for enhancing EU support in this area.

The fourth meeting in this series was informed by inputs from a number of international experts in this field:


  • Dr. David Bloomfield, former CEO of the Glencree Centre in Ireland and former Director of the Berghof Conflict Research Centre – who presented the case for broadening the concept of Transitional Justice to encompass backward as well as forward-looking issues
  • Brendan McAllister, former Victims Commissioner, and former Director of Mediation Northern Ireland – who shared his experience of dealing with mediation and transitional justice issues, with a focus on victims
  • Dr. Luis Peral, Research Fellow, EU Institute for Strategic Studies (EUISS) – who shared his experience of helping to address transitional justice issues during the Colombian reintegration process with paramilitary groups.


The discussions were informed by a background paper by David Bloomfield; and they led to the formulation of a number of questions regarding transitional justice for the EU. A short summary of the discussions is available for download on the right.


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