Saturday, 17 November 2012 09:51

Leveraging peace through new ideas and thinking

A recent publication by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs looks at the EU's track record and capacities in the field of peace mediation. In it, Antje Herrberg argues that mediation is an essential tool for a 'smarter' EU foreign policy in future - and for this potential to be maximised, institutions and capacities need to adapt.

The creation of a European Institute of Peace could contribute to these endeavours, by:


  • Creating a solid knowledge base of present and past cases relating to the European practice of peace mediation, which to this date is largely non-existent or at least non-systematised and thus difficult to translate into current approaches.
  • Providing training and targeted coaching of Headquarters in the field of mediation, to enhance professionalism in the field of peace mediation, as well as to set some standards.
  • Maintaining and deepening expertise to contribute to the professionalisation of the field.
  • Managing financial resources to support mediation efforts.
  • Deepening systematic cooperation with specialised non-state actors working in the field of peace mediation, so as to forge multi-track approaches endorsed by the EU concept.
  • Deploying specialist expertise to ensure a rapid response when dealing with peace processes.


mediatEUr has been working for over two years to support the EU in these areas, by providing peace process advice; training and coaching; deployment of experts; debriefing EU mediators; and generating and disseminating of knowledge.


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