Friday, 23 November 2012 11:32

Peace is not possible without civil society - interview for the TAZ

For ten years, the German Civil Peace Service has provided an 'alternative German foreign policy.' To celebrate its anniversary, an insert in the German newspaper TAZ discusses the role of civil society organisations in peace efforts around the world. mediatEUr contributed an interview on the role of civil society organisations in negotiating and implementing peace agreements.

In an interview for this special edition, Dr. Antje Herrberg stresses: 'a peace agreement signed at the end of negotiations is only the starting point for a longer-term peace process. This can take generations, as we have experienced in Germany. That's why it is crucial to have civil society on board from the start, in order to ensure that this long-term process will be carried by the population at large.'

A fully copy of the TAZ insert, in German language, is available on the right.