Wednesday, 18 December 2013 18:56

Egypt in Transition: Supporting Democracy through Dialogue

Together with Egmont - Belgian Royal Institute for International Relations, and the German organisation El Barlament, mediatEUr hosted the event 'Egypt in Transition: Supporting Democracy through Dialogue.'

The dialogue brought together Egyptian representatives from the government, political sector, religious institutions, business, academia, and civil society at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. Participants discussed the current situation in Egypt, and generated ideas for a democratic transition; as well as Europe's contribution to this process.


Anissa Hassouna, Treasurer & Board Member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs and one of the participants, commented


"We don't need complete agreement between us. The main thing is to respect each others' views, and to acknowledge grievances. The point is that no party can exclude the other. Co-existence should be a priority."


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