Tuesday, 22 April 2014 13:28

European Institute of Peace now recruiting

The European Institute of Peace (site under construction) has entered a set-up process and is now recruiting for four key staff positions: Executive Director, Administration Manager, Programme Director, and Mediation Adviser.

The recruitment process, run by Oxford HR, can be accessed clicking here. 


MediatEUr was asked in 2010 by the Swedish and Finnish Ministries of Foreign Affairs to support the process that would lead to the creation of a European Institute of Peace through a number of activities. In early 2014 our process-related role came to an end with the signing of the EIP statutes by the founding states. A transition team appointed by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking forward the practical set-up of the Institute.


You can learn more about mediatEUr's role in the EIP process clicking here.