Friday, 30 January 2015 15:38

Senior Associate Brendan McAllister joins the United Nations Standby Team of Mediators

We are pleased to announce that Brendan McAllister, mediatEUr Senior Associate, has been selected to join the United Nations Stand-By Team of Mediation Experts for 2014-15, as Senior Mediation Expert for Process Design, Gender and Inclusion.

BMABrendan brings his expertise from decades of work as a mediator in the Northern Irish conflict; his capacity to understand the drivers of conflict and his work to transform them will prove an asset to UN efforts in mediation.


Brendan is a Senior Associate and Member of mediatEUr, having worked on our Kosovo Scoping Mission, our Ukraine Fact-Finding Process, and our Review of the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission, as well as in our training initiatives. 


With Brendan's appointment, and after the appointment of Antje Herrberg for the Standby Team in 2013-2014, mediatEUr continues building international mediation and mediation support capacity.


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