Wednesday, 06 July 2016 16:58

Helping dialogue happen in Andorra



mediatEUr was recently in Andorra to facilitate the VIII High-Level Meeting of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center. The event - which brought together current and former Heads of State and Government, together with Ministers, scholars and key experts - provided a space for leading figures to discuss and debate one of the most pressing challenges facing the world: globalisation.

The event set out to explore both the risks and opportunities presented by globalisation - from the resurgence in populism exemplified by Donald Trump, to the shifting economic paradigm heralded by the "sharing economy." Given the complex and myriad challenges faced by the international community, questions were also asked of the state of global governance, and the need to re-conceptualise our "map of the world" in an era of rapid global change. In a time of uncertainty, the importance of dialogue and discussion as a route to peace and prosperity has never been stronger, and mediatEUr was proud to contribute.


The outcomes of the VIII High-Level Meeting - the "Andorra 7" - represent the collective experience and political wisdom of the attendees, and outline the challenges and possibilities which globalisation is currently posing to governments around the world. Why not read our Post-Event Brief, or watch our Video Impressions, to learn more about the event and its conclusions?