Peace From Within, Help From Without: Engagement Between Indigenous Mediators and Helpful Outsiders

Publication date: April 4, 2013
Publication author: Brendan McAllister

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 In this paper, based on his experience as a mediator in Northern Ireland, Brendan McAllister:

  • Explores the links between local and international actors
  • Shares his experience as an insider mediator
  • Outlines the phases of mediation development in Northern Ireland
  • Analyses the benefits he drew from being personally exposed to international experience
  • Lists the tasks of an international mediator

This paper was originally prepared for a seminar on “Mediation in the Mediterranean: Developing Capacities and Synergies”, convened by the ‘Spanish-Moroccan Initiative on Mediation in the Mediterranean’ and the Toledo International Centre for Peace on 11-12 February.

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