Peace Mediation, Power-Sharing and Transitional Justice: Challenges and Options for the EU

Publication date: November 1, 2011
Publication author: Canan Gündüz, Cecilia Pellosniemi and Laura Davis

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The roundtable ‘Peace Mediation, Power-sharing and Transitional Justice: Challenges and Options for the EU’ on 10 November 2011 brought together a group of experts, policy-makers and practitioners to explore the mediation of power-sharing arrangements, and consider related challenges – in particular regarding transitional justice – in order to make recommendations to improve EU support in these areas. This document provides a summary of discussions and charts next steps to be implemented as part of mediatEUr’s ‘Strengthening EU Capacities for Peace Mediation’ project.

Objectives of the meeting were to: 1. Explore challenges of power-sharing arrangements in countries in and coming out of conflict, in particular transitional justice impacts; 2. Review EU experiences in supporting power-sharing arrangements through specific country case studies; and 3. Begin consolidating good practice and concrete advice to the EU regarding peace mediation, power- sharing and transitional justice.

Part 1 gives an overview of presentations on the topic given by Dr. Katia Papagianni from HD Centre and Laura Davis from mediatEUr; Part 2 summarises subsequent discussions; while Part 3 looks at EU experience through particular country case studies: Afghanistan, Sudan and South Sudan, and Zimbabwe. Part 4 draws out main learning points, open questions and next steps suggested by the roundtable.

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