The Dialogue Support Platform is a project initiated by mediatEUr

The Ukraine Dialogue Support Platform is an online and in-country platform that helps Ukrainian dialogue actors connect with each other, understand their needs, and communicate with national actors and the international community, utilising interactive, modern dialogue technologies.

Our goal is to generate positive thinking to help transform the conflict that has affected Ukraine since 2013, utilising modern technologies and dialogue expertise. We connect Ukrainian dialogue experts with people at all levels of society, allowing for horizontal dialogue, and fostering exchange with the policy level and the international community. Ultimately, the platform helps define options for regional engagement, reform, and a way forward. We do this through an in-country project that supports

local dialogue efforts and an online platform that allows us to map, analyse and present the results of these efforts and expand their reach.

It contributes to dialogue in a number of ways

  • Developing a comprehensive and constantly updatedmapping of dialogue initiatives and facilitators across Ukraine, to make sense of the plethora of initiatives.
  • Helping local dialogue facilitators connect with each other to assess their own capacities, generating exchange, coordination and understanding. At the same time, helping dialogue facilitators connect with the central administration and the international community so that their findings can have an impact, helping dialogue initiatives gain traction, momentum and mitigating dialogue fatigue.
  • Capturing the information from the different dialogue initiatives in a comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date format, so that national and international actors can hear the voices of Ukrainian stakeholders from all regions.
  • Utilising modern technology to connect dialogue actors and policy-makers throughout the country. Promoting the exploration and use of new technology in fields like data visualisation and mapping.
  • Supporting structured thinking on future scenarios in conversation with policy-makers, based on the information collected.
  • Supporting the international community to better connect with Ukrainian facilitators.
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