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mediatEUr launches new website

We are launching our new website with a key mission: to make our work on mediation and dialogue accessible, and to bring you the best knowledge, ideas and initiatives on building peace around the world.
18 December, 2017
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For dialogue in Ukraine, the time is always now

When I first started working on dialogue in Ukraine, I sat down with two think-tankers from Kyiv and explained to them that my interest, and that of my colleagues’, was in dialogue and mediation: “we want to learn who’s doing dialogue and what they’re learning from it.” They looked at me cross and made it clear that “no one is doing dialogue in Ukraine”.
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Stabilisation- why a transformative approach is worth it

This blog was written by Kathrin Quesada When I recently interviewed several experts on stabilisation approaches for a research project mediatEUr was requested to carry out for the EEAS, one definition of the term stuck with me for a very long time: “Stabilisaton is about people regaining harmony; it is about societies being able to reorganise their lives together”. I found it not only simply and beautifully said, but also a very noble goal. And yet the reality of the lives of people in countries where stabilisation activities have taken…
Kathrin Quesada
17 June, 2017
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Is Peace Mediation in Ukraine Possible, and How?

Since the mid 90’s I have been acquainted with Ukraine; in 2013, through my work as a member of the UN’s Standby Team for Mediation Experts in  2013, we witnessed a catastrophe unfolding, so we decided to reengage professionally. mediatEUr, my organization, has been involved in a number of fairly small and focused initiatives there, also for the UN. For us, a European Organisation, it was clear that, if we were to be involved in any in-country project, it should be in Ukraine, as its role was and still is…
Antje Herrberg
14 February, 2017
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“A Conciliatory Step”: Shedding Light on Local Ukrainian Dialogues

This blog post was written by Alex Azarov. «The success of a dialogue depends, firstly, on the ability not to speak but to listen. And its outcome is the understanding of your dialogue partner and the formation of trust towards him or her» (a quote from the Mykolayiv dialogue initiative) The Dialogue Support Platform in Ukraine supports various Ukrainian dialogue initiatives all across the country. The dialogues vary in terms of their participants: some involve stationed soldiers and local residents, others involve local women who come to discuss their role…
6 November, 2016


mediatEUr has been active since 2007. Ever since, we have worked on projects supporting local communities, political actors, and international organisations working for a more peaceful world. You can click below to see the work we did between 2007 and 2014.

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