Strengthening EU Capacity for Mediation and Dialogue: Options for Mediation Stand-By Capacity

Publication date: September 1, 2011
Publication author: Canan Gündüz

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On 21 September 2011, mediatEUr convened an expert seminar on mediation stand-by capacity options for the EU. The seminar aimed to inform in-depth discussions on different options for stand-by capacity on mediation, by bringing together experienced roster and rapid deployment managers from the fields of mediation, stabilisation, SSR, and civilian crisis response with relevant stakeholders from within EU institutions. Basis for discussion were four standing and stand-by models for deployment: the UK Stabilisation Unit roster; the Coffey International roster; the ZIF roster; and the NRC-managed MSU Mediation Stand-By Team of Experts.

This series of meetings has several objectives:

  1. Help generate political and policy momentum behind the idea of a dedicated EU stand-by capacity for mediation, thereby directly supporting the implementation of the 2009 Concept on Strengthening EU Mediation and Dialogue Capacities.
  2. Explore operational challenges and opportunities from relevant experiences that can help shape concrete ideas for an EU stand-by capacity.
  3. Clarify the benefits and feasibility of different models for stand-by capacity in mediation.
  4. Concretising ideas for a process that could lead to the creation of a stand-by capacity mechanism.
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