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Dealing with Election-Related Violence — Lessons from the Training

This week, I had the opportunity to participate as a trainer and facilitator in a workshop on ‘Dealing with Election-Related Violence’ organized by the European Centre for Electoral Support and the Leadership Beyond Boundaries, supported by the Osservatoria di Pavia, and convened by the Barcelona Peace Centre. It all started with the film ‘An African Election’ directed by Jarreth Merz, a great inspiration for the attendees. The event convened 25 participants, experts and officials from Electoral Commissions and Election Management Bodies (EMB’s) hailing from Spain, Lithuania, Poland, the United States,…
Antje Herrberg
14 December, 2013
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Mediating electoral violence – key dilemmas and tensions

Election violence has received much attention over recent years. It is seen universally as a vital problem to address within the democratisation process, but its complexities and sensitivities have as yet not been fully addressed: still the international community is faced with the challenge of identifying feasible and timely responses in the face of election-related tensions and violence. This is true for the EU, one of the largest donors and supporters worldwide of electoral assistance and observation in third countries. At least four tensions and dilemmas remain unresolved and constrain…
Antje Herrberg
26 March, 2012