Dr. Antje Herrberg bids farewell to mediatEUr in a move to join the EU

Co-founder and CeO of mediatEUr of 11 years, Antje Herrberg has resigned from her position as the chairwomen of the board, and has been positively discharged of her role by the members of the organisation. As a comitted and value based mediator focussing on quality delivery, Antje has built up mediatEUr as a membership, non for profit mediation service organisation by tapping into her growing network of world class mediation experts. In having created a forum for mediators, she placed a strong a focus on the importance of creating connections…
Antje Herrberg
20 November, 2018
European Institute of PeacePublications

A European Institute of Peace? Value-added, Risks and Options

This discussion paper provides a concise overview of the value-added, risks and institutional set-up options for a European Institute of Peace. The ideas contained in the report emerged from a yearlong process of consultations on the European Institute of Peace idea, which reached out to more than 150 stakeholders. In order to strengthen the EUʼs ability to respond to global peacemaking challenges, Sweden and Finland jointly launched an initiative in 2010 that advocates for the creation of a European Institute of Peace (EIP), with a focus on peace mediation. This…
5 December, 2012
Mediation PracticePublications

Missing a Trick? Building Bridges between EU Mediation and EU Electoral Support in Conflict-affected Countries

What can be done to promote credible, legitimate and peaceful elections as well as resilient societies that can manage electoral disputes without resorting to violence? What types of third party mediation mechanisms can be supported in order to complement and support electoral assistance, and vice-versa? How can a major external player, like the EU, act decisively in influencing the best “timing” for post-conflict elections – and promote a window of “political opportunity” for local stakeholders rather than one of “military opportunity”? In order to explore how the EU might strengthen…
1 September, 2012
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Strengthening EU Capacity for Mediation and Dialogue: Options for Mediation Stand-By Capacity

On 21 September 2011, mediatEUr convened an expert seminar on mediation stand-by capacity options for the EU. The seminar aimed to inform in-depth discussions on different options for stand-by capacity on mediation, by bringing together experienced roster and rapid deployment managers from the fields of mediation, stabilisation, SSR, and civilian crisis response with relevant stakeholders from within EU institutions. Basis for discussion were four standing and stand-by models for deployment: the UK Stabilisation Unit roster; the Coffey International roster; the ZIF roster; and the NRC-managed MSU Mediation Stand-By Team of…
1 September, 2011
Mediation PracticePublications

Engaging the EU in Mediation and Dialogue: Reflections and Recommendations

'Engaging the EU in Mediation and Dialogue,' authored by Antje Herrberg with Canan Gündüz and Laura Davis, is a synthesis of findings on the EU's role in international peace mediation that have emerged from the Initiative for Peacebuilding's work on the subject in the course of 2008. The paper argues for a need for more systematized learning in order for the EU to upgrade its capabilities in the field of international peace mediation. Strengthening international peace mediation as an EU CFSP instrument calls for: Operationalisation of a multi-track approach; Inclusion…
8 May, 2009