Dr. Antje Herrberg bids farewell to mediatEUr in a move to join the EU

Co-founder and CeO of mediatEUr of 11 years, Antje Herrberg has resigned from her position as the chairwomen of the board, and has been positively discharged of her role by the members of the organisation. As a comitted and value based mediator focussing on quality delivery, Antje has built up mediatEUr as a membership, non for profit mediation service organisation by tapping into her growing network of world class mediation experts. In having created a forum for mediators, she placed a strong a focus on the importance of creating connections…
Antje Herrberg
20 November, 2018
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International Peace Mediation Standards? Reviewing the Field, Charting the Way Ahead

The Concept on Strengthening European Union (EU) Mediation and Dialogue Capacities from 2009 proposes a series of measures to increase EU capabilities in these areas, noting the benefits of adopting mediation as a foreign policy tool for the EU. In parallel, the publication of the Directive 2008/52/EC ‘on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters’ aimed at promoting the use of mediation to facilitate better access to justice, more freedom and increased security. Meanwhile, commercial and dispute mediation have seen much development in standard-setting and professionalisation. Within this…
25 June, 2015
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Conducting an Assessment Before Operational Deployment: A Case Study from Kosovo, 2013

Using mediatEUr's mission to Kosovo earlier in 2013 as a case study, this report presents some of the key aspects in the design and deployment of a mediation assessment mission. The conduct of a mediation assessment of this kind has received comparatively little attention in conflict resolution literature. Instead, short-term crisis intervention commands most of the attention of the international community. Mediation is geared to the longer-term transformation of relationships, and works in an incremental way that makes it less likely to generate short-term results. This might make mediation, and…
1 June, 2013
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A European Institute of Peace? Value-added, Risks and Options

This discussion paper provides a concise overview of the value-added, risks and institutional set-up options for a European Institute of Peace. The ideas contained in the report emerged from a yearlong process of consultations on the European Institute of Peace idea, which reached out to more than 150 stakeholders. In order to strengthen the EUʼs ability to respond to global peacemaking challenges, Sweden and Finland jointly launched an initiative in 2010 that advocates for the creation of a European Institute of Peace (EIP), with a focus on peace mediation. This…
5 December, 2012
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European Union and Mediation: What Role for a European Institute of Peace?

As part of the European Institute of Peace initiative, mediatEUr organised, in partnership with ESSEC IRENE and the Académie Diplomatique Internationale, a roundtable entitled "European Union and Mediation: What Role for a European Institute of Peace"/"Union Européenne et Médiation: Quel Rôle pour un Institut Européen de la Paix". The seminar was hosted by the Académie Diplomatique Internationale in Paris. The goal of the roundtable was to initiate a debate in the wider French policy-making community on the idea of a European Institute of Peace, and gather perspectives on building European…
2 February, 2012
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Supporting a European Institute of Peace

Why a 'European Institute of Peace'? To strengthen the EU’s ability to respond to global challenges to peace, Sweden and Finland jointly launched an initiative in 2010 that advocated for the creation of a European Institute of Peace (EIP). The aim was to create capacities to better support European peacemaking around the world. This initiative was kick-started by a joint letter from the two Foreign Ministers Carl Bildt and Alexander Stubb to High Representative Catherine Ashton. What is mediatEUr’s role? MediatEUr was asked in 2010 by the Swedish and Finnish Ministries of…
11 September, 2011