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Working to advance women in high level mediation

Despite the fact that landmark UN Security Council Resolution 1325 is soon going to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the number of women who lead or participate in high level peace mediation processes remains disappointing. Why is it so hard to translate lip service into concrete results? One of the issues practitioners and policy makers including Kathrin Quesada from mediatEUr who gathered at last year’s symposium on advancing women in high level mediation in Durham identified is the selection process: Generally, appointments for high level mediation processes are made on the…
Kathrin Quesada
13 June, 2018
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Kathrin Quesada

Kathrin is a trained lawyer and mediator with a strong belief in the transformative power of empathy and dialogue. Prior to becoming a member of MediatEUr, she worked in the Balkans and North Africa on the Women, Peace and Security agenda for DCAF- a centre for security, development and the rule of law. She has also worked with the OSCE on conflict prevention and human rights in Kosovo and Vienna. During her different posts, Kathrin has built particular expertise in developing and leading grass-root dialogue and consultation processes, and involving…
1 December, 2017
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Stabilisation- why a transformative approach is worth it

This blog was written by Kathrin Quesada When I recently interviewed several experts on stabilisation approaches for a research project mediatEUr was requested to carry out for the EEAS, one definition of the term stuck with me for a very long time: “Stabilisaton is about people regaining harmony; it is about societies being able to reorganise their lives together”. I found it not only simply and beautifully said, but also a very noble goal. And yet the reality of the lives of people in countries where stabilisation activities have taken…
Kathrin Quesada
17 June, 2017