Dr. Antje Herrberg bids farewell to mediatEUr in a move to join the EU

Co-founder and CeO of mediatEUr of 11 years, Antje Herrberg has resigned from her position as the chairwomen of the board, and has been positively discharged of her role by the members of the organisation. As a comitted and value based mediator focussing on quality delivery, Antje has built up mediatEUr as a membership, non for profit mediation service organisation by tapping into her growing network of world class mediation experts. In having created a forum for mediators, she placed a strong a focus on the importance of creating connections…
Antje Herrberg
20 November, 2018
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Dr. Antje Herrberg

Antje Herrberg is co-founder and CEO of mediatEUr, and an Adjunct Professor for International Peace Mediation at the College of Europe. She is a well-known peace entrepreneur, faciliator, mediator, process designer and yogini with 20 years of global experience in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
30 November, 2017
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Mapping social cohesion in Abobo and Yopougon, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

In early 2017, mediatEUr and Interpeace began a conversation for potential collaboration on peace mapping efforts. Based on the experience of both organisations, and in the context of its project in Ivory Coast with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Interpeace requested mediatEUr to prepare a proposal for a peace mapping component. mediatEUr’s work supports Interpeace in its objective to produce an in-depth study of the social cohesion dynamics in the country. We will produce a comprehensive mapping of actors and issues in the areas selected by Interpeace, based on existing…
13 September, 2017
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Technology for peace?

This week mediatEUr was invited to give input on the Roundtable on Uses of ICTs for EU Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding. Miguel Varela, our Dialogue and Innovation Officer, shared our view from the work we have been doing in the last two years. The first thing you need to know about mediatEUr is that we are a small organisation working in areas as seemingly disparate as peacebuilding, mediation and dialogue on the one hand, and design and technology on the other. My job is to link the two fields, which…
Blog Posts - Words of Peace

Looking at words: visualising dialogue in Ukraine to support its contribution to peace

In Ukraine, several initiatives are using dialogue to build options to address some of the country’s most difficult challenges. Visualising them may help strengthen their impact and learn from each other. This week I was invited to give input at a meeting on Innovative Thinking on Strategic Approaches to Conflict Management in The Hague, next to four other people working in this fascinating world. Their experience: years of work in policy advise, years of work on business and development, and connecting thousands of people in one of the most beautiful…
Miguel Varela Rodríguez
26 October, 2015