Dr. Antje Herrberg bids farewell to mediatEUr in a move to join the EU

Co-founder and CeO of mediatEUr of 11 years, Antje Herrberg has resigned from her position as the chairwomen of the board, and has been positively discharged of her role by the members of the organisation. As a comitted and value based mediator focussing on quality delivery, Antje has built up mediatEUr as a membership, non for profit mediation service organisation by tapping into her growing network of world class mediation experts. In having created a forum for mediators, she placed a strong a focus on the importance of creating connections…
Antje Herrberg
20 November, 2018
PublicationsWomen, Peace and Security

Exploring the Gender-Sensitivity of Peace Agreement Texts

This report originates from a research commissioned by UN Women on the role of the “Women, Peace and Security” (WPS) agenda in peace processes and agreements and regional organisations, with a particular focus on post-June 2008 conflict-resolution efforts. Looking at 62 peace agreements in 38 peace processes from June 2008 to May 2012, one cannot avoid the fact that, twelve years after adopting UNSCR 1325, most peace agreements and official peace processes still do not capture gender-specific concerns and women´s needs and interests. In most peace agreements, references to WPS frameworks remain unsubstantial and abstract.…
1 April, 2013
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Assisting UN Women to Champion Women’s Roles in Peacemaking

In April 2012 mediatEUr was awarded an assignment by UN Women to research the role of regional organisations in promoting women's participation in peace and security. The project focuses on two aspects: (1) compiling and carrying out a gender analysis of an up-to-date list of peace agreements since 2008; and (2) providing an assessment of current levels of implementation of international commitments on women, peace and security by a set of regional organisations, covering their existing policies, institutional structures, and programmes. This includes the League of Arab States, the European…
13 April, 2012