Third Report of the Dialogue Support Platform

By 8 January, 2016Publications
Publication date: January 8, 2016
Publication author: Miguel Varela and Alex Azarov

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The Dialogue Support Platform in Ukraine set out in June 2015 to support the development of dialogue in Ukraine. For a detailed background of the project, see the September 2015 report. The project has been called the ‘facilitator of facilitators’ for its role in exploring a common understanding of dialogue and fostering cooperation, and has been acknowledged by Ukrainian dialogue practitioners as a useful tool for the development of their practice.

The broader view of the project relates to how dialogue can help deal with the consequences of the armed conflict in the East and the many internal challenges facing Ukrainian authorities and civil society. In this sense, the platform seeks:

  • to give more visibility to dialogue work in Ukraine,
  • to give more sustainability to dialogue initiatives,
  • to demonstrate positive results from dialogue efforts to Ukrainians and internationals,
  • and to develop vertical links between authorities and civil society as well as assisting the promotion of a culture of dialogue in Ukraine.

This report collects the main outcomes of the meeting, and outlines a list of specific tasks addressing current dialogue needs that the platform can help the Ukrainian dialogue practitioners to achieve. This list will evolve as the work of the groups develops, and will help set the priorities for the following meetings. Together, the tasks form the ‘how’ of dialogue in Ukraine, a body of opportunities and areas of work.


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