We provide training for mediators, facilitators, peacebuilders, and anyone who wants to help make peace a reality.

“A good mediator promotes exchange through listening and dialogue, engenders a spirit of collaboration through problem solving, ensures that negotiating parties have sufficient knowledge, information and skills to negotiate with confidence, and broadens the process to include relevant stakeholders from different segments of a society.”

UN Secretary GeneralReport on Strengthening the Role of Mediation in the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Since 2007, we provide training for mediators, facilitators, peacebuilders, and anyone who wants to help make peace a reality. We provide these trainings on site and online. Over the years we offer different modules that are always up to date, relevant to the trainees. We always seek to understand the audience and situation first. We firmly base our individual coachings on stringent professional standards that values the ‘client’ and takes into consideration their aspirations.
To make our trainings more accessible and affordable as well as innovative, from 2018, we will provide online trainings.


Our online courses give you an opportunity to enhance your skills on mediation, dialogue, and peace innovation at your own pace, with regular support from our trainers through the course.

You can access our online training platform to sign up for available courses.

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We have a network of experienced trainers to train and coach parties in conflict; mediators; officials and policy makers in negotiation, mediation and facilitation. We also provide executive mediation counsels to mediators on demand.

At mediatEUr we have provided trainings for diplomats from the EU, OSCE, Member states, the UN, and local conflict parties alike. We base our trainings on our academic and practical experience, in interaction with other practitioners and peace makers. We never provide off the shelf training only. Having trained together and individually our members can assemble to most suitable team depending on the request. We provide certification to all successful training participants.

Our trainings include:

  • One week tailor made mediation and dialogue training for diplomats
  • Three day training on mediation and dialogue training
  • One day training
  • Retreats on individual peace enquiry “the secret of peace”
  • Coaching by selected members on the team, either peer coaching or professional mediation coaching

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